Conscious Business Association Inc.

WACBA is a business association that has been setup to guide, support and provide resources for businesses from all sectors to participate and collaborate in transitioning towards the New Economy, and in participating in a community of like-minded business owners in traditional business networking, social events, and community contribution events.

WACBA will also offer training and education for new entrepreneurs, existing businesses in decline or those who are seeking to update, re-engineer or deal with systemic problems within systems, processes, people or products.

WACBA will facilitate businesses to understand their role and purpose in adopting social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and community contribution practices as a way of living their core business values. The new business challenge is to re-engineer the entire operation based around a new set of values, propositions and user experience philosophies.  Business must undergo a journey from old economy to new economy thinking, being and doing.

In the future excellence in business will involve consumers having a compelling emotional experience which is positive, value driven, and encountered in every aspect of that business. The business will need to be conscious to the experience it wants to evoke, the emotions it plans to evoke in that experience, and the values it expresses in each market touch point as part of its existence.

WACBA members will be encouraged to embrace within WACBA and within their own business a clear set of values which are genuine and embodied throughout every aspect of the new economy business. Living these values then energises and brings to life the brand and creates a powerful brand recognition and loyalty outcome in consumers through the agency of the evoked emotions.

WACBA is not just another Business Association but is a hub of thought leadership for business owners who want to move forward and grow their business success and find new meaning and purpose within their business for happiness, profit and excellence.

Our Vision

  • To develop and enhance business opportunities for members
  • To assist integration of new members into the business community
  • To assist new members in developing their business within the community
  • To expand members business exposure within and beyond our own geographical community
  • To empower and further develop members and their businesses
  • To provide a force for small business at all levels of government.


Conscious Business Association Inc. Western Australia

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